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Our Mission

Newtonium's mission is to provide software development services and novel 3D simulation tools for robotic and mechanical systems.

Company Profile

Newtonium was founded in March 2000 with the aim of bringing cost-effective PC-based 3D modeling and simulation tools for robotic systems.  Newtonium currently offers the RoboWorks software and its associated toolkits.  Newtonium also offers development and consultation services with expertise in:

Software Development

  1. Robot Simulator development

  2. 3D graphics and animation, especially OpenGL,

  3. Robot off-line programming,

  4. Numerical and algorithmic coding,

  5. Instrumentation and man-machine interface.


  1. Engineering software product architecture,

  2. Robot system development and integration,

  3. Algorithm development.

Contact Information

Telephone:  (512) 619 8863

Fax:               (801) 8381410

Postal address

5904 Rising Hills Dr., Austin, TX 78759

Electronic mail

General Information: contactus@newtonium.com
Customer Support: support@newtonium.com
Webmaster: webmaster@newtonium.com


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